There is currently a great deal of interest in Selective Soldering. With increasing use of mixed technology, the idea of being able to pick out and solder individual through-hole components automatically is attractive. However, it’s important to choose the right machine for the job and we at Blundell offer a range of machines in various price brackets for different selective soldering applications.

There are some tasks to which selective soldering is ideally suited, and these include double sided SMT boards with through-hole connectors and other odd form leaded components which are mounted on both sides. Such assemblies are impossible to wave solder and it is a retrograde step to revert to hand soldering with its high labour costs and lack of repeatability.

For low volume production where the PCB design is good, a system such as the Ebso 300 or 400 is often specified. The equipment cost is relatively low (about the same as a mid-sized wave soldering machine) and there should be a fast return on investment. Ebso have recently re-designed their range and new models are now offered with ‘point and click’ programming, micro-drop fluxing and easily interchangeable solder nozzles. Ebso machines are supplied and supported in the UK by Blundell Production Equipment.


For higher volumes and more challenging work the Ersa EcoSelect and Versaflow are recommended. These machines are conveyor fed, and the PCB’s are clamped over a moving flux nozzle and an X-Y-Z moving solder bath, which can get into tighter spaces. Topside preheating is also available on all Ersa’s machines so that board temperatures can be maintained throughout the soldering process.

We currently have an Ebso and an EcoSelect set up for trials in our Coventry showroom.

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