Feb 2016 Newsletter

  1. A busy 2015 for Blundell
  2. Humidity control cabinet investment at Scofield
  3. Blundell Technology week – dates announced
  4. New i-Pulse placement line at Tenkay
  5. ExtraEye First article/AOI at JJS
  6. New Cepter PCB cleaner introduced at Chemigraphic
  7. Ersa’s 3-14e Reflow oven is proving to be a success story

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May 2015 Newsletter

    Click to view May 2015 Newsletter Blundell Newsletter 52-06-15

    June 2014 Newsletter

    • Ersa Selective soldering
    • IBL Vapour Phase
    • Glenbrook X-Ray
    • New Conformal coating from PVA
    • Blundell technology exhibition dates announced

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    January 2013 Newsletter

    • New business 2012-13
    • Fume extraction
    • Rework – X2 Computing
    • Selective Soldering – Axiom
    • TWS SMT equipment – Quick Circuits

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    November 2011 Newsletter

    • Website launch
    • Tech Week debrief

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    September 2011 Newsletter

    • New Partnerships: Purex (Fume extraction); Riebesam (Board and screen cleaning)
    • Infotec Placement m/c Installed
    • Fritsch Manual placement

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