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Cepter-170 Aqueous Cleaning System

Closed loop professional board cleaning system.

Fully programmable via a user friendly touch screen. Standard cleaning cycles can be stored for instant recall, a cleanliness report can printed out as an option at the end of the cycle. Efficient removal of rosin and no clean fluxes, water soluble fluxes paste and general contamination.

For lower cost Cleaners:  System-2000 or System-1000

or for other industrial options: Riebesam Cleaners

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Product Description

Cepter 170 Ultra Board Cleaner

Provides an exceptional level of cleaning and is a cost effective cleaning solution for circuit boards, panels and assemblies alike.

  • Two Cleaning levels, by removing top level enables large board processing
  • Max PCB sizes 510 x 290mm bottom level,  510 x 150mm top level or 510 x 610 mm single level
  • 25L Loop tank with adjustable preheating up to 60°C
  • Auto top-up of cleaning medium in loop tank
  • Conductivity monitoring of de-ionised cartridge (P22) and the rinsing water during cycle
  • Heating rinsing up to 50°C
  • Heated drying system (vented via 70mm port)
    Cepter Touch Screen

    Touch screen panel – click to enlarge

  • Typical Cycle 45 -60 minutes
  • Touch Screen Control
  • SPC data monitoring and storing
  • USB Printer connection
  • Signal tower
  • Electric door lock
  • Fast ROI
Cepter 170 Ultra Clean

Cepter 170 Ultra Clean

Technical specification:

  • Water usage 6 litres per rinse
  • External dimensions
    •     Width   1000 mm
    •     Depth   1100 mm
    •     High       1680 mm
  • Chamber dimensions:
    •     Width   520 mm
    •     Depth   530 mm
    •     High       610 mm
  • Weight: 250 kg
  • Connected load: 14 kW
  • Operating voltage: 400 V/3 x 16 A